Buying Word Recovery Kit

Personal License

for personal use for noncommercial purposes

Business License

for legal use in enterprise, commercial and governmental environments

Site License

for using on several computers of the customer (up to 100 electronic devices) in one building or distributed between several buildings

The purchased registration key is valid for all 2.x versions of Word Recovery Kit.

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Why you should buy the online license for Word Recovery Kit

Many users, at some point, encounter problems opening Word documents and might not know how to recover a corrupted Word document that cannot be opened. If you encountered this type of trouble, you probably would like to use Word document recovery software, such as Word Recovery Kit. It is a special tool for repairing Word files and templates that have been damaged or corrupted.

On this website, you can download the Word Repair Tool as a free demo version that allows you to view corrupted Word files and know their content even while you cannot open the Word document. However, if you want to recover the Word text file or work with it in any way, you would need to purchase an online license for Word Recovery Kit.

The paid version of Word Recovery Kit gives you full access to the MS Word text recovery software. The tool can fix all types of Word files (*.rtf, *.docx, *.dotx, *.doc, *.dot) from any version of Microsoft Word. In addition, after you download and buy the Word repairing tool once, there will be no limit on the size or amount of the Word documents repaired.

Finally, if you are trying to learn how to repair Microsoft Word files, you might need the recovered text document to continue working with it later on. If you buy and activate the license for Word Recovery Kit, you will have an opportunity to either export the data to a new undamaged Word document or save the text from it as a Text file.